CWNS_2012 CSO and GI

The EPA released 2012 data for its Clean Watershed Needs Survey, an assessment of capital investment needed for sewer and stormwater infrastructure in the nation, in January. This is the first time that authorities are able to report their needs for Green Infrastructure in its own category. The 2012 data reveal that there are 20 unique authorities that included needs for GI for CSO corrections (8% of all systems that have needs for CSO corrections). Systems reporting GI for CSO corrections are shown in the image above. Systems that include budgets for GI come disproportionately from the top 20% of systems, by reported CSO correction need.

In addition, there are over 450 systems that reported needs for GI for stormwater management. These represent about 37% of all systems reporting needs for stormwater management. Interestingly, in contrast to CSO systems that include GI, SWM systems that include GI are not significantly different from SWM systems that do not include GI.


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