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Social Media for Civic Projects

One key to more widespread adoption instead should be to promote citizen buy-in to the other benefits of green infrastructure: beautification, subsidized landscaping upgrades, and appeals to individuals’ social  pressure to “do the right thing.” The goal should be to promote the idea that “everyone is doing it.” Social media could be a great way of getting people to talk about the availability of stormwater management programs and making them more visible.

The Internet of Things, with Chinese Characteristics

The recent Facebook acquisition of WhatsApp for $19 billion has been talked about quite a bit in the media, but many fewer people have been paying attention to the Internet giants of China, a nation which, by sheer size and momentum of development has the potential to have significant effects globally. WhatsApp, a social messaging app that is popular abroad has a Chinese equivalent: WeChat, which is owned by one of the two major Internet giants of China: Tencent. Tencent is the group that owns QQ, a instant messaging service that started in China in 1999 and has been likened to the Chinese equivalent of AIM that many of the 80s generation in the US grew up with. Fast forward to today, Alibaba (sometimes referred to as the Ebay or Amazon of China), is the other Chinese Internet giant. While we in the US are talking about the ever-expanding “Internet of Things” that are allowing us to use mobile and cloud-based services to control our physical world (your refrigeratorparking meters, or even that dwindling keg of beer), Internet company feuds in China are literally spilling over into the streets, and, quite possibly into the air.