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Infrastructural Ecology’s Value In Conceptual Design

As I mention in a previous post, there is much appeal to utilizing ecological models and frameworks to understand phenomenon that one might not immediately associate with the field of biological ecology. In this article I outline how the framework of infrastructural ecology can help the analysis and conceptual design for site sustainability and resilience.

Power to the Planners: Pros and Cons of the Singaporean Planning Model

The case of Singapore presents somewhat of a conundrum to city planners that warrants further exploration. As western-educated students of the post-modernist era of urban planning, our educations provide us with many examples of well-intentioned yet horrendously failed efforts of technocratic planning, which remind us to be ever wary of ourselves. As planning professionals, the power, expertise, and respect that the planner yields in Singapore is enviable, and yet, the meticulously planned city-state is accomplished through a completely authoritarian process. The conundrum is, in the case of Singapore, do the ends justify the means?