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Workflow: Computing, Notes and References Organization

A long while back, I posted an article on my more-analog-than-digital workflow. Compared to then, I now spend a lot more time on producing my own research rather than on hyper-absorption of information necessary for quals and orals preparation and research area definition in the first and second years of my PhD program. My research now incorporates both statistical and physical-simulation based hydrological modeling. While I had done a lot of work in statistical and econometric modeling in my first and second years, the physical simulation modeling requires a lot more computing power. Specifically, I am applying a 3D, variably saturated overland-subsurface coupled, high-resolution model that takes advantage of parallel computing resources. My workflow has therefore evolved to incorporate multiple operating systems and organization of a lot more information and data.

PhD Workflow: Mobile Reference Management

As of a couple months ago, the Green Cities Lab of UPenn’s Dept of City and Regional Planning, finally has our own dedicated space, fully equipped with our own workstations! This not only means that I now have better access to computing power for running analyses, but I also now have the luxury of leaving my laptop at home and working exclusively on my workstation while I am on campus. (More on how I’ve set up file syncing and data back up systems at a later time) In this post, I’d like to talk about how I am now managing my references between computers using Zotero and FirefoxPortable.

Workflow Management for PhD students: My Current Workflow

Since I started my program in City and Regional Planning at Penn, I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to manage the tons of information that I’ve been exposed to. There are the voluminous amount of class-assigned readings of course, but there are also the readings I’ve been doing on my own to familiarize myself with the academic environment, and many blogs and online news sources that help me keep up-to-date with current events relating to cities and sustainability. Thankfully, there are also many great suggestions for workflows for researchers and academics that have been a great help to me, and that I will continue to use to hone my own work flow. In this article, I’m going to talk a bit about my own style.